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The Creatures Community
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The Creatures Community is centered around the Creatures series. Creatures is the artificial life title currently owned by the Creature Labs division of Gameware Development.

Our forums include this LiveJournal community, Gameware's forum, DSAftermath, Alt Games Creatures and many others. In terms of Creatures knowledgebases we have the Creatures Wiki and the official Creatures Development Network (with free developer tools and add-on life kits).

We also have an annual Creatures Community Spirit Festival that you might like to visit.

New Creatures Titles Launched 2005

Creatures 1 and Creatures 2 are now sold as The Albian Years, Creatures Adventures and Creatures Playground are now sold as Creatures Village (for Windows and Mac OS X), and Creatures 3 and Docking Station are now sold as Creatures Exodus (for Windows and Mac OS X) or as Linux Creatures Internet Edition (for Linux).

The Next Official 3D Creatures Game

Gameware Development have said that although they are working on other, paying titles at the moment, they are looking for a publisher to fund a new 3D Creatures game. In the mean time there are plenty of third party Creatures games and projects in the works, such as the open-source Openc2e game engine, and other Gameware titles to try, e.g. BAMZOOKi.

Creatures Docking Station is Free

If you are new to Creatures then why not download a Windows or Linux copy of the free online game Creatures Docking Station and join in the fun today. You can choose to raise your own Creatures from eggs, trade them over the online Warp, download new agents, breeds and worlds, or even pick up some developer tools and make addons of your own. Enjoy!