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Calling All CC Members and Ex-JRCer's - Creatures Community Chat [Jun. 4th, 2010|02:57 pm]
The Creatures Community
Hello All,

I hope it's okay to post this here! I am Laura (you might know me from Creatures Caves and the Ask Laura column) and I have some news for those of you who feel a bit nostalgic for JRChat:

Although JRChat is merely a memory now, and though there have been multiple creatures IRC channels in the past that haven't exactly been successful, we're not giving up!

With Spook's help, I have created a channel for the community to use once again, and we both hope that it is a success.

A web applet for CC Chat is being hosted on Spook's blog: moosecakes.tumblr.com/#ccirc 
And also on Creatures Caves: creaturescaves.com/ccchat.php

If you have an IRC client that you prefer to use, you can connect to CC Chat by typing /join #Creatures on the irc.wyldryde.org server.

We hope to see you there for a good ol' chinwag, and don't forget to add to your bookmarks and spread the word. :) We've had an overwhelmingly good response so far, one that I never really expected. So please, feel free to drop in and say hello! :D

- Laura

[User Picture]From: dochazeem
2010-06-14 09:22 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad to see there are still creatures fans out there. I love this game. Did you see creatures labs is gone?! I here they went bankrupt! do you know anything about this? if it's for sale? if it will be up again? It's so depressing. I can't get the patch to play the docking station!
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From: laurav
2010-06-14 09:45 pm (UTC)

Hello dochazeem!

It sounds like you have a lot to catch up on, so I'll just link you to our Creatures Community timeline on the Creatures Wiki. The Creatures Wiki is the no. 1 resource for Creatures information, so it should tell you everything you want to know:

As for the Docking Station patch, you could always come in chat to have that question resolved by the other Creatures Community members, who currently play Docking Station. We're a friendly bunch!

Hope to see you in there? :)
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